A day (as an intern) at Kompak’s Technical Service Department

Why do an internship at Kompak’s TD?

If you enjoy working in a team with control technology and pneumatics and if you enjoy the challenge of actively improving work processes, Kompak has the internship for you.

You will be supervised by experienced trainee supervisors and skilled mechanics. Within a highly instructive environment, where there are many packaging and mixing plants, you can develop your skills.


All well and good… But what does the internship working day look like?

In Technical Services, we start at 07:00 with a short work meeting. (max 10 minutes)

Here, we discuss the staffing for the day and any problems and/or malfunctions from the previous evening shift. Afterwards, we go through the schedule and coordinate who is going to do what.

It is 10 past 7. The work is distributed among the mechanics.  Everyone can get to work.

At 10:00am, there is a short break, after which everyone resumes the planned work.

The lunch break is from 13:00h to 13:30h and you will have lunch together with your TD colleagues.

This is followed by finishing the last work, because at 14:00h the production line has to start up again for the new shift.

Together with the production staff, you do the start-up and check whether everything is running well. If everything runs well, the tools used are cleaned up and the handover form is completed and signed and the line is handed back to the production.

All work is done, it’s 15:45 and all mechanics go home again.

Sometimes it may also happen that the work is finished earlier. Then the next day’s work is prepared in advance. What tools are needed and are all parts present? This makes the start-up for the next day much easier.



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