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We use both proven and innovative techniques to be a one- stop- shop.

We don ’t do problems. In fact: we like to be challenged, think a step further and come up with creative solutions for all your packaging issues. With full dedication we use our experience and expertise to do so. We have a wide variety of capabilities and we see it as our job to translate this all into the most suitable packaging concept. We are versatile and able to produce the exact package you need. Bottles in all kind of shapes and sizes, with all kind of caps and closures, pumps and triggers.  Stand-up pouches, sachets, canisters, jars, pots, blisters… we can handle it all in one of our twenty production cells.



Kompak is a full-service company: whether it concerns product development, material sourcing and procurement, mixing, bulk packaging, filling, labelling, combining, shrinking, blistering or sampling; you can entrust us with it. Our lab is equipped to test raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. Under close monitoring of the environment, products are released according to the highest standards.