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Mixing liquids and powders holds no secrets for us in our state-of-the-art production facility.

In these mixers we are able to mix high quality detergents and cleaning agents in order to obtain any desired specification. Even if it concerns products that are highly microbiologically and/or chemically sensitive. Our advanced mixing system is extremely versatile and offers sophisticated dosing possibilities, maintaining focus on quality. To give you an impression:


  • Two mixing tanks of ten-ton capacity; optionally interconnected with a pre-mixing tank or homogenizer. Both mixers have standard options for heating and cooling
  • Bulk is intermediated stored in our eighteen storage tanks, directly feeding the filling lines
  • The water treatment system provides the installation with clean, sterile process water
  • A CIP-installation linked to all mixers/ tanks and filling liquid lines allows fully automatic cleaning and easy switch between all sorts of fluids, thanks to specific CIP-programs


  • Two reliable Nauta mixers offer great possibilities to produce a wide range of products
  • Mixtures are packed in big bags, suitable for processing on our packaging machines