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Product Refreshment


Together with our partners we are always looking for new and different opportunities of packaging with the intention of a benefit for both parties.
Recently we changed, together with Diversey, the packaging of a vacuum cleaner perfume.
The “old” packaging was a blister in a brown carton box.
Disadvantages were; packaging material waste, expensive packaging material...
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More opportunities with sampling

Sampling opportunities

Provide the consumer the possibility to try your product in real life. The chance that he will buy your product is much higher then without a try-out pack.

It can be a simple sachet printed in your brand identity, packed into a leaflet, or a custom made thermoform sample.

We have the ability to produce a wide range of sample products, small bottles up to 200 ml, sample...
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Stand up pouches

Stand up pouches

The consumer interest in stand up pouches is increasing rapidly. The reasons why are relatively simple. The shelf appearance combined with a nice print is outstanding, less packaging material into the environment and finally the positive cost impact of packaging material compared to printed boxes or bottles.

We are a specialist in the area. At this moment we are filling a...
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Lean Manufacturing, the next step

Lean Manufacturing

To implement lean manufacturing is more than a project. It is a philosophy that changes your way of thinking.

Dedicated approach
We are not the first to implement Lean Manufacturing, but believe we have to make it dedicated to our business. The required flexibility and need for outstanding quality are key.

We include the total operational team in the...
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Liquid mixing a success

Liquid mixing success

In 2010 we started with liquid mixing in the new factory. We believed in the opportunity to bring this service to our customers.

A good decision!

This year we boosted our volumes for an overspill project. Still we have free capacity available for new projects.
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