Our versatility and flexibility come to the fore when mixing products.
We can be your partner for mixing both liquids and powders.

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In our modern installation, we can mix high-quality detergents and cleaning agents to meet any desired specification. We operate a flexibly implemented mixing system, offer sophisticated dosing possibilities and are able to dose (liquid) enzymes.

Two mixing tanks of 2 and 10 tonnes respectively can be linked together when required. This allows a pre-mix to be simply diluted to the correct concentration or small (test, production or R&D) batches to be made. Heating and cooling are standard options for both tanks.

The water treatment system provides the installation with clean, sterile process water. We employ the highest available industrial standards to be able to produce products that are extremely microbiologically and/or chemically sensitive. The highest quality is all that matters.

The entire automatic CIP programmes ensure that after cleaning and disinfection, the installation is completely clean. This makes switching from a perfumed to a non-perfumed liquid a piece of cake.

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Mixing powders holds no secrets for us. A reliable Nauta mixer offers great flexibility to produce a wide range of products. Many mixtures are packed in big bags, making them suitable for processing by the packaging machines.

Of course, they can also be packed immediately in packages > 5 kg.

In some cases, the supplied raw materials are homogenised. Painstaking work, because, of course, there must be no reduction in the quality of the powders.

Moreover, powder mixtures are also made that include a liquid phase. The Nauta mixer is extremely suitable for this work.

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