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Kompak Netherlands BV renewed its IFS HPC certificate

New IFS HPC certificate

The first in the world against the new version 2 requirements

In October of 2016 DQS GmbH CFS conducted the annual IFS HPC (Home and Personal Care) audit at Kompak Netherlands BV. During 3 days, all requirements of the new IFS HPC standard version 2 where checked by the DQS auditor. Kompak became the first company in the world which is audited against this new standard...
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New liquid filling line

New liquid filling line

Kompak is proud to announce that from January 2016 a complete new liquid mixer an liquid filling line will be operational. The liquid mixer is designed to make a wide range of liquids, the filling line is a monobloc filler and capper. It can handle standard bottles but also tottles in pucs.
The investment is a result of joint cooperation with one of our customers.
World Cup feel in May

Promotional Packaging

PASSIONATE packing, June 2014

Long before the actual orange fever hit Holland, we started to get enthusiastic about World Cup soccer.
Early May we filled a special “World Cup” pack with washing powder for one of our customers. A folded orange beach ball was attached to the lid as a promotional give-away.
We all know promotional packaging linked to sports events and...
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Refill pack; a cheap, quick and green alternative to bottles

Refill pack

SMART possibilities, June 2014
Thinking of adding a refill-pack to your product line or replacing your current refill pack? Let us make you a proposal to show how quick and cost-efficient this is possible!
Producing pouches and flat sachets from film can save up to 50% compared to pre-shaped bags.
Kompak has great possibilities to, at high speed, form and fill liquid...
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In-line shrink sleeving

In-line shrink sleeving

CREATIVE packaging, June 2014
The advantages of shrink sleeving are numerous. The increased presence of sleeved products on the shelves in the supermarket speaks volumes.

To name some advantages: sleeves are ideal for unconventional bottle contours that really stand out. They create much more decorating coverage compared to labels. In 3-7 seconds consumers decide which...
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PVA Capsules at Kompak

PVA Capsules at Kompak

Kompak is challenged by several customers to develop a pack similar to the known capsules. The request is coming from customers who don’t have the large volumes, supply to specialized segment or support a market introduction.

Our alternative will have similar functionalities but with much more flexibility. The minimum width will be 20 mm, maximum width is 60 mm. The...
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Wide range of shapes & sizes can go on our new fill-seal machine

New fill-seal possibilities

SMART solutions, May 2014

Recently we have installed a new fill-seal machine for preformed bags and stand-up pouches. For the initial order end of April we filled a preformed stand-up pouch with corner spout with 1ltr detergent.

The use of the pouch will continue to grow substantially in the coming years. The possibilities of this machine tailor to 2 important trends in...
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Outsourcing Challenges

Outsourcing Challenges

SMART operations, May 2014

We would like to share a whitepaper with you that has identified 10 key challenges when selecting a contract manufacturer and making the co-operation a success.

Although written in light of OEM’s, the solutions described are valid for most small and mid-size companies looking to outsource or wanting to improve their outsourcing. Highlights...
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Skin allergy test measures sensitivity to enzymes

Yearly Skin Allergy Test

RESPONSIBLE - Preventive measures, May 2014

Employee safety has a high priority at Kompak. Daily we work with enzyme-containing products such as detergents.

Policies are embedded into our organization in order to limit the exposure of our employees to enzymes. Our production facility is equipped with a state of the art air extraction system.
But also constant air...
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Kompak operator training

Kompak operator training

After successful graduation of Competence-based Education in 2012 and 2013 we will, in collaboration with training center ROC, start to train A and B operators again in January.
This study takes 2 to 3 years and focuses on work processes and the associated competencies needed in our company.
Processes are for example the assurance of quality and preparation,...
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Sampling to use at exhibitions


For Thetford we produced, for over a decade, a dry toilet additive packed in a water soluble film to be used in the wastewater tank of a mobile home or caravan.
Sustainability is highly valued by Thetford, therefore they developed a “Green” alternative to this proven concept. Kompak was asked to start the initial production, for which we mixed and filled.
The goal was...
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For Diversey we recently produced a “Promo box”, in which dishwashing tablets were filled into a re-usable Curverbox, instead of the traditional Composite (square) drum.
They wanted to attract new consumers and surprise existing customers with a special container.
Marketeers develop promotional activities, such as sampling. But  occasionally they can change the...
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