Kompak mainly works for (international) brand owners.
Why do companies choose to collaborate with a co-packer and co-maker? Brand owners must respond more rapidly to consumer behaviour and make their products stand out on retailers’ shelves. The instruments available to marketers include product innovation, sales campaigns and new types of packaging. As a flexible, reliable external production partner, we help our customers to respond to these challenges. Moreover, co-packing and co-making can limit the consequences and risks of highs and lows in production.

This offers us great opportunities, because we take a lot of work, concern and responsibility out of the hands of our customers. In an ultramodern and impeccably clean production facility in Etten-Leur, Kompak mixes and packs care products for brand owners. Our years of experience with A brands ensures that we are the fastest contract manufacturer in Europe with respect to liquids and powders for home and personal care products. The committed Kompak team takes on what you do not want to or are unable to do yourself.

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